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Ken Blaisdell

Ken Blaisdell, Principal

Ken Blaisdell of Blaisdell Consulting, LLC and Mark Hudson of Workforce Staffing Solutions, LLC have partnered to form Blaisdell & Hudson, a comprehensive, cost-effective integrated solution for organizations seeking talent, and individuals seeking positions or career mentoring. Years of relevant expertise, far-reaching personal networks, leading edge recruiting technology, and intelligent strategy, are our signature strengths.

The near- and long-term success of a nonprofit relies above all, upon dynamic leadership. Outstanding staff will gravitate to a compelling mission, attracted by thoughtfully and strategically designed positions. A staff opening represents an opportunity to assess the strengths and weakness of the organization. Managing the hiring process internally, especially for nonprofits with no onboard HR staff, consumes a tremendous amount of leadership resources, and can be quite stressful, including paying opportunity costs by not focusing 100% on the program or fundraising missions. Calculating the fully loaded cost of not seeking professional assistance can be a sobering exercise.

GuideStar® lists 3000+ nonprofit organizations in our area. ConnectVA, a service of the Community Foundation for a greater Richmond, lists as many as 100 openings on a given day, and rarely a day goes by without new Virginia Association for Fundraising Executives (VAFRE) postings. The average tenure of nonprofit staff is estimated to be less than 18 months. Failed searches, unsuccessful hires, and talent lured away by better offers or titles are terribly detrimental to sustaining mission programs. It takes (at least) two years for a major gifts officer, for example, to become truly valuable to a nonprofit organization.

While most organizations are always in hiring mode for talented professionals and support staff, the demands of the mission often deter organizations to take the opportunity, when replacing someone, to revisit (and revise) the skillsets and other experience needed going forward. Don’t miss this chance.

Mark Hudson

Mark Hudson, Principal